Whenever you see a successful business,
someone once made a courageous decision - Peter F. Drucker


When it comes to situation, which requires taking unpleasant and radical steps such as – company’s dissolution – we offer support involving comprehensive completion of company’s dissolution and winding up. Unfortunately, It is one of few procedures that cannot be completed immediately, because of strict Polish law, which requires dissolution to last no less than 6 months. In order to dissolve a company in the most convenient and, at the same time, the least occupying manner, we offer our Customers comprehensive services. We provide:

  • Calling and conducting meetings of shareholders.
  • Preparing and passing all suitable resolutions and clearing balances, which are necessary for commencement of dissolution.
  • Piloting and supervising the whole process of dissolution in all necessary offices and institutions.
  • Removing companies from all registers, in which it was registered and listed.

Providing appropriate storage and backup of a Company’s documents after its dissolution and winding up.